(POETRY) Château d’mort


In the penthouse of screams
A soul could not hear
The sound of his thinking-
A shrieking of fear

In the office of chaos
You lose your own eyes
In searching and lurching
A blinding demise

In the bathhouse of filth
Your blood fills with dirt
Invasion of body
A skin-pealing hurt

In the closet of watching
All eyes turn to you
When naked and helpless
They laugh at you nude

In the bedroom of envy
You shrink 'til you grow
Contortions of spine
How far will you go

In the chair of refusal
You can't move an inch
A mutiny of muscles
You can't even flinch

In the lounge of regret
You sleep with your dog
Notions of sentience
A sorrowful fog

In the attic of drowning
You can't keep your lungs
To pay for your breathing
You don't have the funds

(POETRY) A queen of a king

A queen of a king
The damsel I like
Set away in a tower
Not far- just a hike...

It's tempting to do
But to do is to sin
But God could still watch
A treason- win-win

The king was my friend
Yet friends swim astray
An island of refuge
With the queen, I did lay

And now I must live
With that I have done
A crime crafted- cunning
A royal hit-and-run

(POETRY) Canvas sky

A hole so deep it span the infinite
I see my dreams and dive right into it
Faces, favors, friends long lost
In this hole, a spiritual cost

What to say and what to be
It seems a waste to just be me
I'll just sit and stare in darkness
A halted mount- lethargic harness

Nonetheless I still perform
Be the part- play the horn
Goals and dreams- they fly right by
Depression cloud- canvas sky

All the same I play my song
A need for meaning all but gone
Now I ride to depths unknown 
And still I play- sad trombone

(POETRY) A blade made of cuddles

A fountain of anguish
A wanting to cry,
A fear that my dog - oh! 
Will lay down to die

Old fur on his back
A muzzle so slim
To want and to need
A human like him

People like dogs
Never fail to exist
When I find one- no!
Never fail to just miss

Anxiety flowing
The stresses of life
A blade made of cuddles
Just stab me- that knife!

(POETRY) Archaic lust of heat

Out the old dirt
Life springs anew
A base of debauchery
Out- sprout- one or two

Begging for nurture
The sun give them food
They ask but yet annex
They give not- but soon-

Three inches higher
It near steal the sky
They grapple and grab
It near grope the sun

Now it lay fruit
But greed it still claim
A greed so discreet-
Archaic lust of heat

(POETRY) A beast of gray

A beast of gray
The snout of black
A slobbering- sniffling
Groveling mutt

An avatar of ancient
Unfiltered ferocity
Reduced to a complacent
Howling- aging- pedigree

Erected on all four
Tumbling incessantly
A breed to meet and rub
But failure on the hunt

It's doings make it weak
Cowardice to the bone
Yet children love it
A well sent present
Some ties best left broken


(POETRY) Sweeped up by a suitor

Her hair, burgundy
Her eyes, wandering
Her cheeks, blustered
Her complexion, rosy

A terrible thing
Hath happened to me
So great yet so tragic
That girl fell for me

When is it okay?
To date one man's bride
Anguish and shame, in me
Curdled inside

She laughs at my jousts
We tease and we cry
But not really crying
I'm dying inside

(POETRY) A bowl so small


A bowl so small
Material unimaginable
In that bowl
Vanity incomprehensible

To eat or not to eat
Questions of the Bible
An apple of my eye
Yet as real as sights recorded-

My brain compels to chew
Yet my soul refute- and spit-
A poison through and through
How could I not see it?

My father says it's good by me
Fatten yourself- says Society
How could they truly not see
The blood flowing down from lip to knee

Yet day to day I feed on it
Nights go by and I'm drowned by it
The taste so sweet I'm drawn to it
Never failed- to indulge in it

A terrible sight of the world it gives
This poison of mine, a curse and gift
For it makes men small- tall men fall
It is the resistance- and the lift

So all I can say
All that I pray
That this poison is taken
Out- my soufflé