(POETRY) In the rapid stream of greed


The thing I really want-
Is to want the things I truly want
The need, the drive
The thing that fuels the engine
Of the vehicle of life-

Of all the things I hate
I hate to hate the things I hate
People, places, things
The paint on the canvas
To which all can relate-

The thing I truly need
Is to need the things I really need
Water, love, compassion
The preserver on the boat
In the rapid stream of greed

(POETRY) Canvas sky

A hole so deep it span the infinite
I see my dreams and dive right into it
Faces, favors, friends long lost
In this hole, a spiritual cost

What to say and what to be
It seems a waste to just be me
I'll just sit and stare in darkness
A halted mount- lethargic harness

Nonetheless I still perform
Be the part- play the horn
Goals and dreams- they fly right by
Depression cloud- canvas sky

All the same I play my song
A need for meaning all but gone
Now I ride to depths unknown 
And still I play- sad trombone

(POETRY) A blade made of cuddles

A fountain of anguish
A wanting to cry,
A fear that my dog - oh! 
Will lay down to die

Old fur on his back
A muzzle so slim
To want and to need
A human like him

People like dogs
Never fail to exist
When I find one- no!
Never fail to just miss

Anxiety flowing
The stresses of life
A blade made of cuddles
Just stab me- that knife!

(POETRY) Archaic lust of heat

Out the old dirt
Life springs anew
A base of debauchery
Out- sprout- one or two

Begging for nurture
The sun give them food
They ask but yet annex
They give not- but soon-

Three inches higher
It near steal the sky
They grapple and grab
It near grope the sun

Now it lay fruit
But greed it still claim
A greed so discreet-
Archaic lust of heat

(POETRY) A beast of gray

A beast of gray
The snout of black
A slobbering- sniffling
Groveling mutt

An avatar of ancient
Unfiltered ferocity
Reduced to a complacent
Howling- aging- pedigree

Erected on all four
Tumbling incessantly
A breed to meet and rub
But failure on the hunt

It's doings make it weak
Cowardice to the bone
Yet children love it
A well sent present
Some ties best left broken